SKY Blue Multi colored Otomi Pillow Sham-Ready to ship

SKY Blue Multi colored  Otomi Pillow Sham-Ready to ship Loading...
  • SKY Blue Multi colored  Otomi Pillow Sham-Ready to ship
  • SKY Blue Multi colored  Otomi Pillow Sham-Ready to ship
  • SKY Blue Multi colored  Otomi Pillow Sham-Ready to ship

This NEW hand-embroidered Otomí pillow sham has an embroidered area that measures around 10.5x15 each.
Please note that not all Otomi pillow shams are created equally. After placing an order of 100 pieces, we patiently wait and are handed a gorgeous stack of embroidery work months later.. From there only 30 to 40 will make the cut and the rest of the pieces that don't meet our inspection standard will be sold off in lower secondary markets (ie tourist markets, etc) Loose stitching, or missed stitches not welcome. If you read our feedback you will notice that the most consistent comment about us (aside that our pieces worth the wait as they do ship from Mexico) are raves about our QUALITY! We are noticing many new companies starting to ride on our OTOMI coattails and it's disheartening. We have been working with the same master embroiderers for over 7 years and have set the standard for exquisite embroidery quality. We pay higher prices to ensure that we get the BEST pieces!
After a textile passes quality control we send it home with Carmen. Each piece is "squared off" , as most are left uneven because of the aggressive soaks endured to remove ink stains. Each piece is sewn to perfection with a lining system so you can use any cotton poly fill.. No insert needed. The edges are surged and the hidden zippers are specifically made for us by a local mexican family owned company. Their zippers hold up better than the ones found in the craft stores. We order beige by the hundreds. Many start ups are selling the poorly made pieces available in the tourist markets. Cheap zippers, no linings and inexpensive unwashed muslin is the norm. We use a backing that has been specifically woven for us in Oaxaca! We buy hand woven fabric by the bolt. Each bolt can take close to a month to complete and Abel travels back and forth to Oaxaca JUST to pick up fabric.

The reason I am saying all this is because it's incredible to see what others are trying to pass off and the prices they are charging for pieces that we have rejected. I cringe thinking about it. can be very deceptive. my soap box now. Let's get to the piece at hand!

The sham features the superbly crafted needlework of the Otomi people, Most Otomi have settled in the central region of Mexico, however a small group migrated to Oaxaca. The family that I am working with dedicate their day soley to this fabulous embroidery work. The women of the Otomi nation are famous throughout Mexico for their finely wrought embroidery. This example of their handicraft features traditional bird, animal, and flower motifs in bright fuchsia-colored cotton thread against a background of rustic cotton fabric known as "manta."(muslim)
The Otomi people are the descendants of one of the earliest complex civilizations of Mesoamerica, dating back before the arrival of the Nahuatl speaking Aztecs around 1000 A.D.

This sham is dry clean only. The back of the sham is red cotton canvas. These sham have small zippers and are in need of a pillow insert. Our pieces are fairly traded and we are excited about the new pieces that are on the drawing board for us.
Please go here to see what our current production time is.

If the items says "ready to ship", then we ship within two days of receiving payment.
We ship via Mexican post office. So far we love it! We send it express and certified and are happy to report that most items are recieved within two weeks. If you are in a hurry. Tell us, we can upgrade shipping and get in their in the blink of an eye..or two. ;)

We ship GLOBALLY! Write us so we can figure out your country shipping rate. Please contact me for a shipping quote if you are outside the US. And remember...we love wholesale orders! We work with boutiques all over the world!