We love all the woman that we work with.  Their dedication to a dying art form is relentless. Machines are starting to infiltrate the embroidery world and so are knocks offs from Asia!  We are excited to be a part of movement that preserves our Mexican heritage by creating a venue for hand embroidery work to continue on.


The above type of lace embroidery work requires lots of patience and time.  (of course).  Here it is called Deshilado--translates to taking apart the strings.  

The woman we work with are all related.  Most of them are daughters of the Queen of Deshilados.  The Queen Bee Embroidery Matriarch.  

She has passed down her magestic talent to all of her daughters who all oversee their own grand co-ops.  

In this image you can see the crocheted edges of our pieces being created.  Step by step.  Nothing is made by machine. 

On any given day we have over a hundred dresses in production.  We never know when they will be completed and never really ask.  Its a rhythm that we have learned to live with.  


I am truly grateful for the relationships that we have built with all of these woman over the years.  It's one that we cherish and honor.  We lead a life of symbiosis.  

At the end of all of this detail work is of course the finished creation. 

Total Perfection