We are excited to have more dresses available to you.  These dresses sell faster than they can be made.  At an given time we have about 30 pieces under construction, but it can take months and months for them to be completed.  Everything about our pieces are handmade. The detail is jaw dropping. 


Check out how sublime the work on the shoulders is!  We work really hard to get you unique color combinations.


If you would like to see more color combinations, please feel free to send us a note so we can set up a custom order listing for you.  Just a heads up...it can take half a year or so to create but we can pull together fabric and thread to create your hearts desire. Patience is a must.  :)   

At any given time we have a exquisite Deshilado pieces under constrction.  They are hand embroidered, hand laced and crocheted.  It can take up to 9 months from start to finish to get one of these beauties!  Just amazing.  Let us know and we can create one for you!  We ask for a year of patience.


Worth the wait for a forever heirloom piece!  

 Well...I should get back to listing.  Am so excited about the new pieces.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Sandra